Top 4 reasons TO and 3 reasons NOT TO consider custom web development 

Top 4 reasons TO and 3 reasons NOT TO consider custom web development 

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While we spiral into the SkyNet hell dimension of “AI gonna do everything for half the price,” the dilemma of custom web development sharpens a new angle.  

With out-of-the-box solutions already being as good as they are and will only get better, why should I bother with custom web development for many moneys?  

Excellent question!  

Well, the shortest possible answer is: if everyone uses fancy cookie-cutter solutions, then no one’s really fancy.  

The longer answer: it depends

In fact, you don’t always need a custom web solution. Sometimes, it’s even detrimental! But there are specific use cases, niches, and demands where if you don’t go with a custom solution now, you will regret it sooner rather than later. 

And what are these use cases? Well, read today’s article to find out! 😉 

What is custom web development? 

Now, let’s talk about custom web development and why it should be the centerpiece of your digital transformation strategy.  

When you commission a custom development, we create your website from scratch without pre-made templates. Everything: from UI/UX to logic, layout, and additional features – will be designed for your specific needs. 

So, there won’t be this awkward feeling of paying for an off-the-shelf package and being left with half of the features you wouldn’t use…but still had to pay for. 

Thus, the leading beauty of custom web development is that you pay strictly for the things you need. Nothing more nor less.  

Now, let’s take a closer look at its standout benefits. 

Benefits of custom web development 

Scalability and flexibility 

When discussing your vision with our team, let us know if you anticipate functionality expansions to meet your rising business needs. 

Don’t feel like you need an elaborate recommendation algorithm for buyers at the moment? Don’t pay for it! Only later, when you benefit from this feature, will you get back to us, and we will pick up from where we left off. 

Enhanced security 

In web dev, popularity is both a blessing and a curse. Sure, using a tried and tested out-of-the-box solution means that thousands have proven its effectiveness. But it also means that it becomes a lucrative target for hackers

Let’s take WordPress, for example. In 2023, 13,000 WordPress sites have been breached daily! It’s not the world’s biggest tragedy if you’re running a personal blog, but handling customers’ data is a different story!  

With custom web development, we can acknowledge and prepare security measures unique to your business niche beyond what’s available in template-based websites.  

You can also decide where and how your data is stored, even rolling it out on your local server infrastructure if needed.  

Performance and SEO 

Bloat is your number one enemy

Spaghetti code, unnecessary features tacked on, lack of accessibility measures – Google will bonk your site on the head 🔨, and down the search rankings it goes.  

And because out-of-the-box solutions need to cast as wide of a net as possible, they tend to come with unnecessary features and version changes that probably have SEO as the least of their concerns.  

Most of the time, you’re left to your own devices, trying to MacGuyver an optimization hack that hopefully won’t make the website collapse.  

With custom development, you can ensure faster load times, mobile optimization, and all necessary accessibility measures contribute to how search engines assess your website. 

That’s like the difference between a bespoke and a store-bought suit. Sure, if you’re lucky, the suit from the mannequin will look just fine 🤌 on you. But, it can never compare to the feeling and the fit of one made just for you.  

Brand differentiation 

But all these fancy SEOs and securities are just a means to an end, right?  

The primary purpose of even bothering with digital transformation is to reach your target audience and make yourself stand above the competition.  

And making things pop is one of the ways to attract a wandering eye.  

Although template-based solutions are impressive nowadays, you still run into the issue of it all being cookie-cutter. There are so many variations an out-of-the-box will allow for; bending it into something it isn’t will undoubtedly take a lot of effort. 

So, if you’re in a niche where pizzazz and glamour are the name of the game, you do need the flexibility that custom web development allows you.  

More control means less to pay 

I won’t sugarcoat it: upfront, custom development might cost more than an out-of-the-box solution. But that premium gives you a control you otherwise wouldn’t have.  

Let’s take a look at infrastructure costs for a short example. 

Maybe you’re running a website on Wix that hosts its AWS and Google Cloud websites, among several others. 

It’s okay for a while, but the price shoots up unexpectedly for one reason or another. Migrating your website to a different cloud service outside Wix’s offering is probably nearly impossible. 

And taking your website out altogether to build it from the ground up? Even more so.  

So, yeah, that’s just one example of the freedom the lack of a middleman brings you.  

Why choose (or not) custom over template web design? 

Now, this is a blog for a custom web development provider, sure. But I don’t want to make you feel like I’m a car salesman trying to swindle you on a beaten-up Prius.  

So, let’s try to answer a quintessential question: Is custom web development right for me? 

You should get a custom web development solution if… 

  • You need specific features you cannot find elsewhere. Be it a bespoke custom relationship management (CRM) system, advanced e-commerce functionality, or anything else impossible or too cumbersome to realize in an off-the-shelf offering. 
  • The cost for your specific use case is too high. While it’s true that out-of-the-box is cheaper, for the most part, some scenarios can flip the scenario on its head, like a licensing fee that isn’t sustainable. Speaking of which, I have just a little example for you below. 👀 
  • Security really matters. No matter how you twist it, a custom solution built from scratch will always have better security than an out-of-the-box one—operating in an industry where privacy and security = business, custom development is an investment that certainly pays dividends.  
  • You need to be flexible, not rigid. Scalability is rarely offered in out-of-the-box solutions; at best, vendors will give you a few tiers. Custom development is the way to go if you need a website that grows with your business.  

You should get an out-of-the-box solution if… 

  • A readymade solution is more than enough. Is your website only for content delivery, like a blog or a newspaper? Any readymade solution like WordPress will be more than enough for you to build and maintain your brand. If an existing solution fits your bill to a T, spending extra is unnecessary. 
  • You prioritize speed above everything else. With all the pre-production, research stages, and whatnot, custom development isn’t a fast ordeal. So if you’re rushing your website to the market for one reason or another, an out-of-the-box fit will suit you much better. 
  • You’re still testing the waters. While I will argue that custom development isn’t just for large enterprises, there are startups, and then there are startups. If you’re just starting your first forays and are not yet ready to invest in a custom solution, going with something simple, proven, and cost-conscious makes sense. Heck, that’s what I would do.  

To sum up: invest in a custom web solution when the functionality and/or price of the out-of-the-box solution doesn’t meet your specifications.  

And speaking of that subject… 

When custom development is a more cost-effective option 

Let me tell you a story.  

One of our clients works in logistics. They had a licensed enterprise resource management (ERP) system that was more hassle than worth it.  

You see, the license wasn’t a flat rate, but it was a % of the miles that the tracked vehicles have accumulated. I’m not at liberty to divulge the numbers, but let’s just say that the cost was…immense

Thus, they have reached out to us so we could build an ERP system that would satisfy all their criteria, won’t try to nickel-and-dime them, andthat they could sell to others

So not only did the solution become more affordable than the out-of-the-box alternative, but they will eventually recoup all the development costs by creating an in-demand offering for their niche! 

And, yes, the initial investment is undoubtedly heavier than a readymade solution. Still, the total cost of ownership is on the side of the custom web development on the long enough timescale.  

So, besides the obvious factors of speed and price, there are certain circumstances in which custom development is more affordable and offers new profit opportunities. 

Which brings me to my next point. 

Help us help you build your future: custom web development with DevPulse 

How do you know for certain that you need custom development? How do you know what exactly you need to add and what to omit?  

At its core, custom web development is not a fire-and-forget ordeal. It’s a partnership where you and your vendor discuss plans and expectations to build a long-term commitment. 

And I’m not talking about some marketing fluff here but a mutually beneficial agreement. We get your return business while you have the safety and security of having a tried and tested development team that is always here.  

So, if during our talks, I understand that an off-the-shelf solution is a better fit for you, I will guide you toward it! 

With that said, what makes DevPulse a good choice for your business? 

  1. Years of experience. We’ve been swinging at it for more than 10 years now, working with enterprise clients from the very start. From numerous industries to technology stacks, our vast experience allows us to see any problem from an angle that has little competition.  
  1. Desktop development experience. Foundation in complex architecture and solutions for desktop applications gives us expertise and understanding of interlocked systems unlike any you would find in the web-dev first studio. 
  1. Partnership, not a sale. We want to do business with you, not just sell and forget. Many of our clients have been working with us for years, growing side-by-side and helping each other improve our respective businesses.  
  1. Always here, 24/7. Our top brass is scattered across the globe, so there’s always someone to answer any pressing questions at any time of the day. And I’m talking actual tech experts and founders, not just CSRs. 

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am convinced 😉 

Concluding thoughts 

Let’s just quickly sum up everything we have talked about today.  

  • Custom development offers more flexibility and freedom of choice to create a product that satisfies all your business needs. 
  • You aren’t burdened by out-of-the-box solution’s lack of necessary features or optimization problems. 
  • Although the upfront cost is higher, custom solutions can become more economical because of a reduced total cost of ownership. 
  • That doesn’t make a custom solution always the right one, though! Always look for existing offerings and do proper cost estimates. For simple needs and prototyping, out-of-the-box is more than enough.  

As always, the first order of business is to “figure stuff out.” 

Do you need it? If so, how fast? What exactly do you need? 

Lots of questions! Lucky us that we have lots of answers. 

If you are convinced that you need custom web development or just want to test the waters, how about we make a call? Together with our CTO and me, we can discuss your business needs, hopes, and expectations. 


What are the key benefits of custom web development vs template-based solutions?

What are the key benefits of custom web development vs template-based solutions? Custom web development offers scalability, enhanced security, improved performance and SEO, and stronger brand differentiation than cookie-cutter templates. You get exactly what you need without unnecessary features or costs.

When does custom web development make the most sense for a business?

Choose custom web development when you require specific functionality not available in templates, when out-of-the-box solutions become cost-prohibitive at scale, when strong security is paramount, or when you need the flexibility to evolve your site with your growing business.

Can custom web development actually be more cost-effective than templates?

Yes. While custom development usually has higher upfront costs, it can be more economical in the long run. You avoid pricey ongoing template fees, get only the needed features, and have complete control over your site. Sometimes, you can even recoup costs by white-labeling your custom solution for others in your industry.